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life coaching vancouver

Life Coaching Vancouver

Are you constantly feeling stressed? Dissatisfied with your life? Stuck in a rut and can’t seem to break free? Then it’s time to try life coaching!

Life coaching is about changing your life.

It’s about vision, clarity, fresh perspectives, choices, goals, plans of action and accountability, all leading to the kind of life that you truly want. Everything is within reach: from creating new routines and making big life decisions, to taking your career or business to the next level, and bringing fresh passion to your relationships.

While counselling often focuses on the past, life coaching looks at the present and future with an emphasis on action. We start out from where you are and map out a plan for getting to where you want to be. Coaching is all about what YOU want, not about what anyone else wants for you.

When working with a life coach, you’ll learn how to organize yourself, reduce your energy drainers and get healthy so you can spend more time enjoying your life. Through life coaching you will learn easy techniques that will help you achieve your objectives and have you feeling great, inside and out. You’ll soon find yourself reaching your goals with ease, and moving forward faster than you ever thought possible.

When is the best time to call a life coach or wellness coach?

  • When you’re feeling “stuck” in a situation.
  • When you want to move forward with your life but don’t know what you want or how to achieve it.
  • When you don’t have a vision or goals for your life.
  • When you’re facing a difficult personal or professional decision and want a clear-headed perspective.
  • When you keep putting your goals on the back-burner or on hold.
  • When you’ve lost that feeling of inspiration, where anything is possible, that you had when you were younger.
  • When you want more from life (SO much more).
  • When you’ve given up on your dreams.

Some of the areas you and your life coach may focus on together include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Clarifying your vision for the future
  • Challenging belief systems
  • Recognizing and changing bad habits
  • Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Skills assessment
  • Values inventory
  • Needs inventory
  • Breaking down self limitations
  • Personal development
  • Goal setting

Find out how to get unstuck, overcome challenges and achieve your goals and dreams with life coaching! Learn more about our Vancouver life & wellness coach on Cary Rendek‘s bio page. You can book in a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if Cary is a fit for you.